Original Post Date

So what’s with the “originally posted” dates you see at the beginning/end of some posts?

Dear classmates/students/friends,

In mid-December 2015, my GMail accounts were hacked.

Hacked is a generous term – someone very clearly knew one of my passwords, got in quickly, and took control of all my connected google accounts.  This person could have done something devastating, like stolen/deleted all my photos or gotten my bank information. Instead, they transferred my Blogger blog to another account and removed my access.

Friends who use Blogger, let me encourage you to be quite vigilant about protecting your information. Google/Blogger does not really have an infrastructure to support bloggers in need of assistance. 

In the end, the mystery thief deleted my original blog. Though I was able to re-acquire that domain, my brother had already set me up with this WordPress-based (and shorter!) domain. He was also able to save my content from the stolen site.

This event has given me the opportunity to go through my last two year’s worth of content, and cull it. I am in the process of re-posting popular and/or informational posts, sometimes editing them to be more useful or aesthetically pleasing.

So thank you for your patience as you see some repetitive content. I am trying to intersperse it among new material. And thank you for sharing this new site with anyone who you think might be interested. I look forward to using this new platform to its full potential.


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