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Pat McGrath Divinyl Lip Shine: Swatches & Review

This past week, Pat McGrath released a series of new products, one of which is her Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine. The Divinyl Lip Shines offer a “glossy, lacquer-like shine with high-impact colour payoff.” I was able to get my hands on all six shades, so let’s talk lipstick.

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Divinyl Lip Shine Info

The packaging is sleek and fun. Housed in a shiny purple (or is it pink?) component with the signature lip shape in the middle, these lipsticks are a tiny bit thinner than PatMcGrath’s traditional “mattetrance” and “luxetrance” products. The Divinyl Lip Shine is heavy enough to feel substantial, but is not the weightiest lipstick I’ve held.

You can purchase the Divinyl Lip Shine products as singles (Sephora has them!), in trios, or in the full set (on Pat McGrath’s site – be sure to use Rakuten for cash back if you go this route!) As usual, the trios are grouped into “Skin Show” and “Colour Blitz” options, though I personally feel all except for one shade are fairly “colorful.”

The Swatches

Now, for the swatches! You’ll see below that all the shades are shiny, as expected. The Divinyl Lip Shine shades are pigmented enough to show up in one swipe, but not to the point where the bolder shades are intimidating. Feel free to visit this Instagram post if you want to see a video of me trying them all on!

Lip Divinyl Swatches

The Review

I’ve now worn the Divinyl Lip Shine shades now for a couple of days. I can safely say that this is one of my favorite lip products of the whole year. I find them to be similar in texture to Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks, but more moisturizing and slightly longer lasting. They do remain glossy during wear, and are comfortable throughout. This will not be the product for you if you aim for longevity. However, it is a great option if you anticipate needing to swipe something on quickly after removing your mask. These shades are also great to brighten up the face for a Zoom call! At $36 a piece, you do want to make sure this is an item you’ll grab frequently. And do make note, since the trio is $92 and the set is $184, you actually get a better deal by buying in “bulk.”

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