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Billion Dollar Brows – Brows On Point Micro Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows

Hello class! Today’s mini-review is powered by BrandBacker, which means I got the presented products for free but am expected to put forth my honest and thorough opinion, as I always. Be sure to check out the grading policy! I was so excited for the opportunity to work with a Billion Dollar Brows product because, well, I love brow products. Nothing sets a look better than a good, strong eyebrow, right?

Brows On Point Micro Pencil

BDB was nice enough to send me a set of all four shades of their new Brows On Point Micro Pencil. I was ecstatic! The shades are Raven, Taupe, Light Brown, and Blonde. The pencil itself is incredibly reminiscent of a very popular brow pencil from a very popular brand (enough said, right?) so I had high hopes from the start!

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point

According to Billion Dollar Brows, with these pencils you can:

Easily create hair like brush strokes with this micro pencil’s super-slim precision point to fill in and accentuate your brows.  This mechanical pencil does not need a sharpener and covers every hair for maximum color pay off.

  • Super-fine, self-sharpening tip for precise application
  • Creates natural, blendable lines that mimic the look of individual hairs
  • Waterproof and smudge proof formula glides on smoothly and stays in place

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point


These four pencils offer a wide range of shades. I am still a bit confused about the naming of the shades. Here, see for yourself!

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point
same swatches, this time in the shade

OK, so here’s the thing… I would probably call Raven “Dark Ash Brown.” Taupe is not taupe at all… much too red. I would call it “Warm Brown.” For some reason Light Brown is darker than Blonde. I don’t like either shade name. I would change Blonde to “Ash Blonde” and Light Brown to “Caramel” or “Warm Blonde.”

Shades names aside, Blonde and Light Brown are the only two shades that come close to working for my coloring.


I noticed right off the bat that you can’t apply any pressure, or advance the pencil too much, when using these. I must have broken the pencil tips at least seven times just in swatching alone. So there’s my first major warning.

Overall, I like the way the Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point Micro Pencil apply. Here is a photo of my right brow filled-in with the shade Blonde:

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point

As you can see, the brow is still fairly natural in appearance.

The only claim I really question is the “smudge-proof” once. Here is what happened to my arm swatches after I let them set for quite a while and then tried to smudge them with my fingers:

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point

So, smudge-proof? No. Long-lasting? Sure.

final grade

At $16 a piece, the Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point Micro Pencil beats some of my favorite brow pencils in price. Overall, however, I do not think this beats those slightly pricier options. You might consider this pencil if you see a shade that will really match your brows or if $5 or so is a deal-breaker. Who knows – this could be your next “holy grail” brow product! The Brows On Point Micro Pencil receives a silver star!

Billion Dollar Brows Brows On Point

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