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Glow Kit Comparison: Moonchild vs. Gleam

Moonchild Glow Kit

Moonchild Vs. Gleam

Hello class! Based on some Instagram conversations, it seems like some people may be holding off on purchasing the Moonchild Glow Kit (discussed here) because they are not sure if it differs enough from the Gleam Glow Kit (swatched here). I created a brief swatch comparison for your viewing pleasure, and to help you decide if you happen to also be in this predicament.

Moonchild Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Below you will see Moonchild Glow Kit on the left and Gleam Glow Kit on the right.

Glow Kit

Glow Kit

As you can see, Moonchild is significantly cooler-toned than Gleam, as well as lighter in general. In fact, two of the Gleam shades are too dark for me to use as a classic highlight.

Here is a little video, which I think helps show the true colors:

So, my unprofessional opinion is that yes, it is worth getting Moonchild even if you have Gleam. But, I would love to hear your opinion, too!


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