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NARS Pool Shark Dual Intensity Eye Shadow

NARS Pool Shark

NARS Pool Shark

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I’m not usually into blue eye shadow. I tend to look like a 3 year old playing with mommy’s makeup. However, when I saw “Pool Shark” from NARS’ Summer 2016 collection in the store, I almost died. Its periwinkle hue called to me. It said “buy me.” But I didn’t. Not then, anyway.

NARS Pool Shark

Cut to about 2 months later, and I have something to show you! Pool Shark is the most perfect blue eyeshadow. It is NARS’ dual intensity formula which means you can use it wet or dry. Additionally, because it has a hint of purple, it is a very versatile blue.

NARS Pool Shark

As you can see, NARS Pool Shark is quite pigmented and has a metallic sheen.

I tried out Pool Shark on a particularly humid and gross night and it performed beautifully. First, I applied it with a damp brush to my lid (over primer). Then, I blended out the edges into the crease with a fluffy dry brush. I also brought a bit of color down along the lower lash line.

NARS Pool Shark

With this method, the shadow lasted all night without creasing.

I absolutely adore Pool Shark as a “one shadow look” eye shadow. As you can see, the blue is not overwhelming:

NARS Pool Shark

pre-lipstick. don’t judge

Since NARS Pool Shark is a summer 2016 collection item, I would recommend getting your hands on it soon!

How do you feel about blue eye shadows? Tell me!

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