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By Terry Game Lighter Palette

By Terry Game Lighter


By Terry Game Lighter

By Terry Game Lighter


post contains affiliate linksHello, everyone, and happy weekend! I happened upon an adorable palette as I strolled through Saks Fifth Avenue (did you believe me? I don’t stroll though Saks. It’s just the connection between Starbucks and the parking lot!) and I fell in love with it. We are talking about the By Terry Game Lighter Palette no. 1 Fun’tasia.

By Terry Game Lighter

The By Terry Game Lighter Palette Fun’tasia comes in an adorable holographic compact. It contains ten eye shadows, or five shadow pairs. For every color in the palette (yellow, blue, pink, purple, green) there is a metallic shade surrounded by a matte shade. This adds an edginess to what could have otherwise been a typical pastel palette.

For both the metallic and matte shades, the shadows in the By Terry Game Lighter Palette are on the sheerer side. They require a bit of building up to reach their full pigmentation potential. Though there are no standard neutral shades (for that, you’ll want the Game Lighter Palette no. 2 Pixie Nude), this can be used on its own if you enjoy an all pastel or simple monochromatic look.

By Terry Game Lighter

My favorite shades in the palette are the metallic yellow and the greens. Overall, these are the perfect shades for the upcoming Spring season (it’s going to get here eventually, right?)

Aside from the sheer formula of the By Terry Game Lighter Palette, the pan size might underwhelm. I will admit that it is a bit tricky to pick up the matte shades without accidentally hitting the metallic center. Definitely plan on using a small brush.

As $45, this may be a miss for some. However, this is also a relatively low price-point for this particular brand, and would definitely make a nice gift for a loved one.


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