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Clionadh Cosmetics Archeo Palette

archeo palette

Clionadh Cosmetics has done it again…

Archeo Palette

A sequel to their Paleo Palette (my thoughts and swatches here,) the Archeo Palette is Clionadh’s latest fabulous eyeshadow palette. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of their shadow formula, so it should come as no surprise that I immediately fell in love with the Archeo palette.

archeo palette

the two cracked shades were kindly replaced by Clionadh ūüôā

The Archeo Palette contains 12 shades, divided evenly between mattes and shimmers. As with its predecessor, Archeo is hand-painted, and simply gorgeous. Formula-wise, this baby does not disappoint. Clionadh always astounds me with the depth and creaminess of their mattes. The metallic and shimmers are equally rich and comfortable to work with.

archeo palette

The shadows are organized into four “quads.” I’m not creative with shade descriptions, so I’m going to steal them right from the Clionadh website:

“Ritual Quad”
MONOLITH: A warm, nude tea rose matte shadow.

DEAD SEA: A dusky, royal blue matte shadow.

GLYPH: A duochrome shadow with a medium purple base and a strong blue shift.

SUNDIAL: A metallic, burnished gold shadow with lots of dimension and reflectivity.


“Excavation Quad”
EROSION: A rich, sandstone orange matte shadow.

NOMAD: A silky, buttercup yellow matte shadow.
NEO: A metallic aqua shadow.

SULFUR: A shimmery, lemon yellow shadow with subtle glitter.


FRAGMENT: A peachy-pink nude matte shadow.

LICHEN: A a muted, grey-green matte shadow.

TERRAIN: A super unique, grungy, lime green shadow.

ARTIFACT: A metallic red-bronze shadow. It has a super opaque and silky finish, and contains a little bit of sparkle.


Ready for the swatches? Of course you are.

archeo palette

As you can see, the colors are diverse and beautiful. Glyph and Terrain are quite unique to my collection, while shades like Fragment and Monolith are subtle but versatile.

The Archeo Palette is currently out-of-stock while the two-person Clionadh team works to fulfill their pre-orders. I believe that once those are complete, there is a chance that Archeo will restock. Follow Clionadh on Instgram to stay updated on the situation.

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