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Lime Crime Bleached and Faded

Are we over the Lime Crime “drama?” I am. I myself was a victim of the credit card fraud that resulted from purchasing off their website a while back. That’s right, someone tried to steal thirty dollars from me. But the bank caught it. So when people are saying that they lost thousands… maybe they need to switch credit card companies… or check their accounts every so often. And perhaps the response from the company wasn’t ideal at first, but it seems like they’ve cleaned up their act. I don’t really hold grudges. If you are still against purchasing from Lime Crime for any reason, then that’s cool. But I will talk about some of their products today – their new Velvetines in Bleached and Faded.

Lime Crime Velvetines

Loyal classmates will remember Lime Crime’s Velvetine in Suedeberry as one of my first ever reviews. Since then, I’ve also purchased Cashmere, which was supposed to be a “greige” color. On me, it’s mostly brown. So I was really excited when Faded and Bleached came out, because they were also softer looking colors.

Faded is described as a “purple beige” and Bleached as a “Peachy Newtral” (their spelling).

Here are those two new shades swatched next to Cashmere, for reference:

LC swatches

top to bottom: Bleached, Faded, Cashmere

Both colors are subtle on the lips (on mine, at least). Faded pulls a little warmer than I’d like, but most products tend to do that on my lips. The below swatches were done incredibly hastily, so forgive me!



LC Faded


I anticipate getting a lot of wear out of these two, because they are both fairly neutral. They have the same lasting power and consistency (and smell!) of the other Velvetines, so I think they are worth checking out if you don’t mind the price!


originally posted 6/15/15

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