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Inglot AMC Lip Pencils


Oh hey there, class!

Today I just wanted to take a peek at these lip pencils I bought from the lovely Beautylish. They are from Inglot, a brand I’ve mentioned loving before. Like the lipsticks I initially tried, these pencils are uber-matte and fabulous. Also, Inglot offers some great quality products for a fraction of the price of other brands.

Inglot/Beautylish offers this description:

“The AMC Lip Pencil is a medium hard, matte jumbo pencil with amazing staying power, making it a great alternative for lip liner when coloring in lips. The pencil comes with a sharpener, found on the bottom of the pencil.

Avocado oil moisturizes, smooths and regenerates the lips whilst the modern formula ensures a long lasting even coverage with a velvety matte finish. Paraben Free formula. Not tested on animals.”


Now, let me offer this one piece of advice: the colors shown in the lip swatches on the sight are not even close to the actual product color. Not on my screen, anyway. It may be that they are slightly sheered out and glossy in those photos, but the lipsticks I received were much brighter and darker than I anticipated. It would be really helpful if they offered shade descriptions on Beautylish.

Here are swatches. The “name” of each shade is the number on my arm. I’m just so clever…


Shade 14 is a fantastic nude. I don’t wear it on its own, as I look dead, but it is a great alternative to a liner under basically any liquid lipstick. Shade 28 is a bright pink-raspberry. It has amazing lasting power. Shade 24 is a mauvey-rose that is a great everyday color. Shade 11 is a bright orange-coral. I have historically had issues with coral shades, but this one does not streak or fade unevenly, as many do.


These pencils are incredibly long-lasting. They are, of course, easy to apply because of their pointiness.

I highly recommend popping on over to Beautylish if you are interested in these pencils.They are currently 12USD a piece, which doesn’t seem all that bad compared to some other brands.

What do you think?

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