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Swatches: LORAC I Love Brunch Pro Palette

LORAC I Love Brunch

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Well, friends – LORAC has done it again. What have they done, you ask? The answer – come out with another adorable palette. This time, rather than a giant Mega Pro we have ourselves a smaller palette based around the theme of brunch. In fact, it is part of a larger I Love Brunch collection. Because apparently people like brunch. Anyway… let’s talk about the LORAC I Love Brunch Pro Palette.

Let’s start with the description of the palette, stolen directly from Ulta’s website, because that’s much easier than my having to write something original:

This spread has 16 gorgeous, wearable pastel colors in our PRO formula that can be used wet or dry, is heavy on pigment, smooth like butter, and made to outlast bottomless brunch beverages. There’s no rolling out of bed here; this is brunch LA style, so dress to impress, valet the car, and enjoy these delectable moments with Lorac Los Angeles.

Let’s take a closer look.

LORAC I Love Brunch

As you can see, the 16 colorful shades sit in a white palette that has an iridescent sheen. The I Love Brunch palette also comes with primer and a dual-ended brush.

The LORAC I Love Brunch Palette appealed to me because in addition to having many pastel shades, which seem to be becoming popular, it contains a number of neutral colors.

LORAC I Love Brunch Palette

Hopefully you can see all the shade names. I have to admit that I just made my husband google “moonlight brunch” because I didn’t know what moonlight has to do with brunch. Apparently that turned up a billion results, including a production company? Who knew?

I did some swatches for you. I used a flat brush over primer and took the photos in the bathroom light.

bottom 2 rows

LORAC I Love Brunch Palette

top 2 rows

The standouts for me are Blueberry Scone, Gluten Free and Eggs Benny. Disappointments include Jelly Donut and Valet. In general, the shadows are fairly dusty and require that you pat them on, rather than use a typical brushing motion. That being said, applied over primer their lasting power is decent. I got about 12 hours of wear out of some of the shades during the workweek.

So, do you need the LORAC I Love Brunch Pro Palette? Probably not. But, if you have few pastel shades and don’t mind putting in some extra legwork in to the application, then this is a decent option on the market.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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