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Showdown: Too Faced Glitter Bomb vs. Urban Decay Moondust

Glitter Bomb vs. Moondust

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It’s that time again. Time for a showdown. Competing today we have the new Too Faced Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow Collection going up against the veteran Urban Decay Moondust Palette.

Let’s start by looking at the stats.

Glitter Bomb-
10 shadows (8 glitter and 2 solid bases)
.14oz pans

8 glitter shadows
.02oz pans

The winner of the cost-effectiveness round is Glitter Bomb!

Now, let’s get to the swatch round. We begin with still swatches of both palettes:

Moondust Palette

Too Faced Glitter Bomb

Obviously, the Glitter Bomb has more options because of the bases, but it would be easy enough to put a black or white shadow below the Moondust shades.

Now, for some moving swatches:

As you can see, both the Glitter Bomb and Moondust Palettes offer a more foiled look when patted on. And, many of the shades are similar. Below you will find eight shades that I matched up to really show a comparison between the formulas. The top shades are from Glitter Bomb and the bottom shades are from Moondust.

Based on these swatches, I will say that the Glitter Bomb formula is more opaque with one swipe. Moondust requires more building up. Both palettes have a bit of fallout no matter how you apply. Glitter Bomb has the creamier formula while Moondust is, well, dusty.

If you have to pick between the two, and price per ounce is not a concern, I would go based on the color offerings. Moondust has more blues and shades that are multidimensional. Glitter Bomb has more purples and no true green or blue.

Personally, I’d choose the Too Faced Glitter Bomb. Luckily, I don’t have to make that choice because I have and will use both forever and ever!

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