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Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prairie Swatches

Lime Crime Livin' On A Prairie

Livin’ On A Prairie

Hello lovely class. Today we are going to take a brief look at Lime Crime’s latest collection, a bundle of five Velvetines under the name of “Livin’ On A Prairie.” The Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prairie set has the following description:

Grunginess is next to godliness. Livin’ on a Prairie is a five-shade Velvetine collection for those who like to play in the dirt.

Prairie – Dusky Nude

Wisteria – Dusty Lilac

Thistle – Grungy Grey-Blue

Rustic – Earthy Red

Saddle – Rusty Brown

Inspired by the luxurious texture of rose petals, Velvetine liquid matte lipstick dries to a touch-proof velvet finish. Remove with waterproof makeup remover or oil.

Lime Crime Livin' On A Prairie

My experience with Lime Crime Velvetines has always been fairly positive. I find they have a thinner consistency than some other popular liquid lipsticks (Anastasia Beverly Hills, for example, has a thicker formula). That being said, the Lime Crime Velvetines typically have good coverage and pigmentation, and are long-lasting without being drying or looking gross.

Lime Crime Livin' On A Prairie

I’ll put it out there that I’ve only tried the shade “Prairie” so far on my lips and it did not disappoint. However, I did want to get the arm swatches to you ASAP in case you were interested in placing an order for the Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prairie set.

Lime Crime Livin' On A Prairie

top to bottom: Thistle, Wisteria, Prairie, Rustic, Saddle

Now, you can probably see that the swatches are a bit messy. Here’s the thing – I did my usual tape grid. However, Rustic in particular was so watery that it seeped under the tape and just looks crazy gross. I am going to experiment with shaking the tube to see if I can get the consistency better.

The rest of the shades in the Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prairie set were easy to work with. Since the whole set is $75, you are basically getting one for free (each Velvetine alone is $20USD). Therefore, even if there’s a shade you may not wear frequently (I’m thinkin’ Thistle), it might still be worth it to buy the whole Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prairie set.

So, will you be buying this? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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